Living in Peru


Currently, my husband, and three of our four children, and I, are living in Lima, Peru. We live in our own little fortress. In other words, we have very high cement and brick walls, topped by electric fence, surrounding our small yard. This is the view, looking out from our front door to our garden door.


This is what my house looks like from the street. It’s not much to look at! It’s a typical Peruvian box house, very bland in color and outward appearance. The house itself isn’t too bad. I don’t like my kitchen, and I wish my laundry room was inside, but it’s a comfortable house for us as far as size and layout goes. We have 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths.


Here’s what it looks like looking in from the garden door to the front door. The window above the front door is my bedroom window.


And this is our car port. I love the basketball hoop placement. The lower window is the den and the window above is the master bedroom. The wall to the back of the car port is a storage room and that side of the house leads to the laundry area and maid’s quarters which both sit outside the kitchen.

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