Magic Box Poetry

The poem, The Magic Box, by Kit Wright, has inspired school children for years to create their own version, and Marcus has been doing the same with his distance-education class. I couldn’t find a link to the poem that I liked, so here is a copy of the original poem, followed by my son’s imaginative rendition-

The Magic Box   by Kit Wright

I will put in the box

the swish of a silk sari on a summer night,
fire from the nostrils of a Chinese dragon,
the tip of a tongue touching a tooth.

I will put in the box

a snowman with a rumbling belly,
a sip of the bluest water from Lake Lucerene,
a leaping spark from an electric fish.

I will put into the box

three violet wishes spoken in Gujarati,
the last joke of an ancient uncle,
and the first smile of a baby.

I will put into the box

a fifth season and a black sun,
a cowboy on a broomstick
and a witch on a white horse.

My box is fashioned from ice and gold and steel,
with stars on the lid and secrets in the corners.
Its hinges are the toe joints of dinosaurs.

I shall surf in my box
on the great high-rolling breakers of the wild Atlantic,
then wash ashore on a yellow beach,
the colour of the sun.  


My Magic Box   by Marcus Madsen

I will put in my box

a view from the top of Machu Picchu,
a hug from the softest teddy bear,
an x-ray of a flying griffin’s wings.

I will put in my box

a slash of an ancient warrior,
the last breath of a dying dragon,
the ashes of a phoenix.

I will put in my box

the first bark of a newborn puppy,
the footsteps of a cat marching on a fence,
a rotating tire of a speeding car.

I will put in my box

a seventh dimension,
a sixth sense,
the flutter of the wings of a butterfly.

My box is fashioned from an element unknown to man, called Creatanium, vapor, and solid cloud,
with a view of the heavens on the lid and portals in the corners.
Its bottom is made from space itself.

I shall create an answer for every problem in the world, in my box.
The secret to every sickness,
the solution to every war,
and I shall answer the mystery that is much greater than us.

Have you used The Magic Box poem in your homeschool? What other poets inspire your children to write their own poems? My daughter really likes Shel Silverstein.

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