Spring Paper Craft


As I’m posting this, it happens to be snowing here! Needless to say, it doesn’t resemble spring at our house at this moment. I am crediting this craft project to my son’s online teacher as it was an assignment for his history class, tying in with his agricultural revolution studies. She called it nature paper. She has a blog called Puddle Wonderful Learning, which hasn’t been updated since the end of last summer, but still contains some fun ideas for children that you should check out.

For this craft your child will need the following supplies-

*White tissue paper  *Elmer’s glue *Water *String *Hole punch *Sponge brush *Construction paper (any color- 2 sheets) *Wax paper *Scissors *Flat leaves, blades of grass, flower petals, etc. collected from your yard. (All nature items must be able to lay flat.)

Start by folding a sheet of white tissue paper in half and cutting it to the size of an 8 & 1/2 x 11″ paper, or to the size of the construction paper if so desired. We used a regular sheet of printing paper as our template. Remember to keep the fold intact.


Lay out some wax paper as your working surface. Open up the tissue paper (over the wax paper) and on one side of the fold only, lay out the leaves, grasses, flower petals, etc. Leave the other half of the tissue paper alone so that you can fold it over to cover the nature items.


In a small plastic bowl, mix equal amounts of Elmer’s glue and water. Using the sponge brush, lightly dab the glue mixture all over the folded tissue paper. This will seal the nature items to the paper. If your child accidentally tears the tissue paper, just patch it with left over tissue paper. Tell your child not to brush the paper with the glue, but to sponge it on. There will be wrinkles.


I’m not sure if I can recommend what we did next, but I’ll tell you anyway. We covered our wet paper with a layer of wax paper, and pressed on it to completely fuse the nature items to the tissue paper. Although our paper turned out ok, it was tricky to peel it off from the top layer of wax paper (the bottom layer was easy to peel off).


Whatever you do, make sure the nature items are completely sealed into your folded tissue paper by the glue-mixture and that the whole thing is as flat as possible. Then let your paper sit somewhere safe and allow the glue to dry naturally. This may take a day or two.


Once your textured paper is completely dry, carefully peel it away from the wax paper. If you want, turn it into a nature journal cover by hole punching it, and 2 pieces of construction paper (one for the cover, to go underneath the textured paper, and the other for the back), with blank or lined paper layered in between, tied off with string.


We’ll have to try this again in the fall. Then it can be fall paper.

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