Book Review- What Would the Founding Fathers Think?

untitledWhat Would the Founding Fathers Think?: “a young American’s guide to understanding what makes our nation great and how we’ve strayed,” is a little gem that I believe would add value to any homeschooler’s study on the government and our constitution.

The author and illustrator is David Bowman.

This book features founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and George Washington, traveling forward in time to see what America has done with the constitution they worked so hard to establish for our great nation.

I love this book for its delightful illustrations, simple analogies, and basic truths. Our country really has strayed from the principles that our constitution was built upon. I want my teenagers to understand how wise our founding fathers were to put a Republic form of government in place for us, and I want them to realize that our government was meant to have limited powers, given by the people.

One of my favorite analogies from the book-

As Ben Franklin is flying a kite, a young boy suggests,”Why don’t you cut the string and then your kite will fly even higher?” Ben Franklin answers, “An interesting suggestion. Actually, my boy, it is the string that keeps my kite up in the air. It might look like it is restricting it, but the wind pulling against the string is what gives the kite the freedom to fly.”

One of my favorite quotes from the book-

“My young Americans, let it be known that we believed in God. We were dependent on God. We turned to Him for help. Our belief in God was the main reason we settled this land. God and religion was and is the backbone of this nation. It has always been so, despite what critics in your time might say.”

I am so impressed with this book that this year I am giving copies to a few of my teenage nieces and nephews for their birthday presents.

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