Moving Mini-Vacation

On Saturday afternoon, we pulled out of our driveway in Utah and drove less than five hours South to Grandma’s house where we stayed the night so we could have a nice visit.

Day 1 in the car.


Marissa girl in Grandma’s front yard. We left her house Sunday after sleeping in and enjoying a bacon and egg breakfast.

On our way we drove through Manti. This is the beautiful Manti Temple.


Day 2 in the car.

I took some pictures out my window as we drove towards Southern Utah.


And then David surprised us by taking us through Zion’s National Park.

To make it even sweeter, he booked us a suite at a lodge in Springdale.

The view from our balcony.


Marcus met this little guy on his way to the pool.

After breakfast on Monday, we took the shuttle bus into Zion’s and got off at the top of the loop where the kids enjoyed the river.

After a couple hours of fun in the park, we decided to be on our way.

Day 3 in the car. (The kids are wearing King Julien‘s headdress.)


While stuck in stop-and-go traffic in Nevada, Marcus created a little fort for himself.

Going across the Mike O’Callagham-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge wasn’t as exciting as we thought it would be! We should’ve stopped at the Hoover Dam visitor’s center, but we kept driving instead, and soon after we entered our new home state, Arizona. Does anyone do what we do when we drive across a state line? We lift our feet up (to “jump” from one state to another). And now we have stopped for the night at a Holiday Inn. Tomorrow (Tuesday), we’ll finally complete this move!

2 thoughts on “Moving Mini-Vacation

  1. What an exciting move! The children look like they are having a good time. I hope to move somedat, but am really not looking forward to the actual packing and leaving process! Hope the rest of your transition is smooth!


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