Apartment life usually means small, limited space and the apartment we currently call home is no exception. We have a living room, dining room, just-adequate kitchen (with only a parlor table), three bedrooms and two bathrooms.


Homeschooling in this apartment means making-do with the furniture provided for us and finding clever solutions to make up for the rest.

Homeschooling in small spaces post (10)

Marissa was lucky. Her bedroom came with a good size desk. On the other hand, she did not get a dresser. (We ended up purchasing a plastic drawer set for her socks, pajamas, shorts and jeans.)

Since her desk has no shelving, we purchased colorful $3 crates from Walmart and stacked them, creating a make-shift bookcase. Now all of her binders and text books are readily accessible in one place.

Marissa uses this fun desk tray to keep her pens, pencils, scissors, calculator, etc. in one place. If you know us, you know we love to use Mod Podge to decorate things. Marissa decorated her pencil caddy to spice it up. The owl border is ribbon we found at Michael’s in their dollar bins. (The arrow is pointing to a miniature cactus.)


Marcus got a tall dresser in his bedroom, but no desk. Apartment life sometimes means trade-offs and this is one of them.

Homeschooling in small spaces post (2)

So, we have to give the dining room double duty and make it serve two purposes (meal times and homeschool). As you can see I didn’t have a lot to work with. It’s rather a dismal room so I’ve tried to cheer it up a bit.The framed artwork was already there and while not my favorite, has to stay. Since a whiteboard comes in handy, I purchased a medium size one and a table easel to go with it. I used ticky tac to hang up the Dr Seuss posters and banner (from Target’s dollar bins) as well as the wall maps.

Homeschooling in small spaces post (5)

(This is our scripture verse for this week.)


As for a place to store our small library of books, homeschool curriculum we don’t use every day, plus the craft container, science kits, printer paper, etc., I took advantage of this nearby hall closet. (Thankfully there is a pantry in the kitchen that will suffice for food storage.)

Homeschooling in small spaces

Isn’t the line of short stubby pencils cute? My kids gave that to me once as a teacher gift.

To help tidy up the dining table fast for meal times, I created another crate bookcase for a back corner of the dining room. This way we can just scoop everything off the table, stow them away here and have instant access to them the following morning.

(Yesterday morning’s breakfast devotional where the kids watched an episode of Bringing Smart Back. You should check it out!)


And that’s how we have made use of the small spaces in our apartment. Do you homeschool in a small space?

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  1. Miriam

    We’ve often lived in small spaces. And we’ve lived in many different homes, sometimes rented. Our current house isn’t really that small, but it’s laid out really weird and is very old. I’ll be happy to move into a more normal house in next summer.
    The nice thing about homeschooling is that you make it work no matter your lifestyle. You can be happy in a big space or a small space 🙂 Although *too* small can be hard after a while. But I don’t like big homes- I get overwhelmed thinking about all the cleaning and the stuff it takes to fill them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so glad you can relate! Thank you for the compliment, but we are the same. Stuff piles up faster than I know what to do with it sometimes. I’m just good at staging areas for my pictures! 😉


  3. Oh yes we do, we do it all in a tiny living room, over the coffee table. I think our living room was some sort of landing/ utility room as it has a big broom cupboard which I have turned into crafts/ home schooling supplies cupboard. The space is scarce as we also use this room for meals and the coffee table sometimes end up buried under piles of craft projects and artwork, and other projects. We tend to pile it all up to one side for meal time and it sometimes stay like that for… Ahem a bit too long. Then one day I have enough and sot it all out 🙂 I’m impressed how tidy your flat is 🙂

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