Halloween Mod Podge Fun

No surprise here, if you follow my blog. We couldn’t let a Halloween go by without one Mod Podge craft. 🙂


Here’s what we started out with: one cardboard pumpkin and one cardboard witch hat, one roll of textured orange paper and several sheets of black and gray printed craft paper, all purchased from Michaels. Then of course we had our Mod Podge and a foam brush. After setting up your work station, tear the paper into 2 inch strips and tear each strip into 2-3″ squares or rectangles (the size of the torn paper really doesn’t matter; just keep in mind that smaller pieces are easier to work with than bigger).


I only took pictures of Marcus creating his pumpkin, but the process was the same for both the pumpkin and the witch hat. Since Mod Podge is both a glue and a sealant, you use it on both the surface of the object you’re covering, and over the paper (or other material) that you’re using. It dries clear.


My kids ended up using both their brushes and their fingers, but Mod Podge is like Elmer’s glue when you clean up. It just peels off your fingers and washes off your skin with soap and water. We found it helpful to protect the table surface with plastic art mats we bought from the dollar store (or use newspaper). You will probably want to change out the surface for drying. It dries in a couple of hours.


And here are the finished products!


I loved the paper combination my daughter chose for her witch hat. She used four different prints. She did trim some of her pieces with scissors for a cleaner edge look.


My son only used one textured paper for his pumpkin, plus a little bit of brown scrapbook paper for the stem. We love the look of the white edges, which is caused by tearing the paper.

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