Our Cactus Unit Study

This has been a fun unit study for us and I’m so happy I can finally post about it. It all started with a family field trip to the Desert Museum. I instructed Marcus to choose three types of cactus to study.

He chose the popular or maybe I should say, famous, Saguaro (sa-wahr-o) cactus, the rare, Golden Torch cactus and the California Fire Barrel.


At the Desert Museum we bought this book to contribute to our unit study. It’s called, Desert Giant, by Barbara Bash, and it’s a Reading Rainbow book. We also used the internet to find facts about these three cacti. Here are some of the sites we came across: The Desert Museum has a fun website which was helpful. I love these interactive pages: Click here and here. We also used Cacti Guide.


Marcus put all his facts together in a mini flip book he created out of large index/recipe cards, a hole punch and binder rings.

desert diorama

Then he created his own desert diorama featuring all three cacti and some rubber critters from the dollar store.


My favorite is our desert wall scene. We all helped make it from poster board, construction paper and clip art. I found the free clip art critters (toad, scorpion and snake) here.


My daughter drew the owl in the hole.


And that’s our cactus study unit!

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