Valentine Cards & a Box Full of Love

We enjoy mailing holiday cards to my younger nieces and nephews. What young kid doesn’t enjoy receiving their own personal snail mail? We usually buy a variety of dollar store cards and write personal messages in them and include some stickers as well. For Valentine’s Day this year, we decided to make our own cards and then I got the idea to create a little “box full of love” for each family.


We bought inexpensive craft supplies from the dollar store, and Target and Michael’s dollar bins. We found pink feathers, foam heart stickers, pom poms, ribbon, washi tape, paper straws, tissue paper, heart shaped dollies, paper shreds, chenille sticks, etc.



Marissa and I have been making cards like these.

Marcus is really liking chalk pastel art at the moment. He made these masterpieces for his boy cousins.


For the boxes, I layered the bottom with paper shreds and then I put random craft items and sticker sheets on top, added the homemade Valentine cards, and last I put in a little treat for each child (this one was for my brother’s two daughters). Then I decorated the inside box tabs with washi tape, and ta da! A little box full of love. I figure my nieces can make good use of the craft items.

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