Kid to Kid-Homeschool Q&A

These are actual questions public schooled kids have asked my homeschooled kids:

Q: Don’t you want to go to school? 

A: “No. Been there, done that, I am never going back!” -Marissa 

A: “I do want to go to school if it’s my Liahona school, which I have visited. But if you’re talking about public school, then absolutely no.” -Marcus  (Liahona is an LDS-based private school which has an amazing online distance program which we utilize.)


Q: Are you ever going back to “real school”?

A: “Define your definition of ‘real school’ because I am doing real school”. -Marissa

A: “What’s considered ‘real school’? I had a great education at home. I didn’t miss out on anything. You know how a lot of people like the processed stuff? That’s what public school is. It’s processed. It’s edible, but it’s gross.” -Darcie

A: “I am at a real school, but if you are talking about public school, well, my school is just as real as public school. But, I will never be going back to public school unless I am forced with unbelievable amounts of force!” -Marcus (my dramatic one)


Q: Are you antisocial? Do you know how to interact with kids your own age?

A: “Just because I’m homeschooled, doesn’t mean I don’t see and talk and hang out with friends my own age.” -Marissa

A: “We have friends all over the world and we have friends of all different ages.” -Darcie and Marissa

A: “I’m talking to you, aren’t I?” -Marcus


Q: Do you actually want to be homeschooled or do your parents force you?

A: “I want to be homeschooled. I have been to public school and I didn’t like it. I can feel the spirit when I learn at home and that is something I cannot get at a public school.”          -Marcus

A: “I enjoy being homeschooled more than I enjoyed going to public school. I’m getting better experiences at home than when I was at pubic school.” -Marissa


Q: Do you know anything about the real world? Aren’t you sheltered? 

A: “No, I’m not sheltered. I’ve probably seen more of the real world than you have.”           -Marissa

A: “I think I might actually know more of the real world because I’m actually able to spend more time outside.” -Marcus


Q: Are you homeschooled because you’re Mormon? 

A: “No. In fact, most LDS kids we know are not homeschooled.” -Darcie and Marissa


Q: Do you just sit around and do nothing all day?

A: “No, I don’t sit around all day, but I do have more free time. I can take a break whenever I want. I also read whatever I want at any level.” -Marissa

A: “Not at all! In fact, usually when I wake up, I have more energy and I finish my school work in about three hours and then I am free to do whatever I want. I can read a book, I can go swimming, I can play a video game. The possibilities are endless.” -Marcus


Q: Aren’t there gaps in your education? And how will you take the ACT/SAT and get into college?

A: “Yes, there are gaps in my education and there are gaps in your education too. Public education is filled with gaps! I knew things in my first semester of college that my public schooled peers had never learned.” -Darcie

A: “I took the ACT the same way you will take it. I studied with a book. I took practice tests. I went to the nearest testing location. I did well enough on it that I was accepted into the university of my choice.” -Darcie

Marissa has never been asked this question and suspects it’s because she looks years younger than her actual age, but she was recently accepted into a university as a homeschooler, so yes, it can be done! 🙂


Q: How do you like homeschooling? Or…What do like about homeschooling?

A: “I love homeschooling! I get to sleep in. I can go at my own pace. I can explore my interests. I can spend time with my family.” -Marissa

A: “I like that I can get up every morning, stay in my pajamas. I’m not forced to get up at six in the morning and go to school. I like how I can choose what I’m going to learn.”          -Marcus

5 thoughts on “Kid to Kid-Homeschool Q&A

  1. “I think I might actually know more of the real world because I’m actually able to spend more time outside.” -Marcus
    I do love Marcus’ replies, but they are all great! Two thumbs up to your kids (and you of course). 🙂

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