Snow Day & Fairy Gardens

IMG_2404       IMG_2406

It seems northern Utah isn’t quite ready to welcome spring! We woke up to a blanket of white. These were the views from my front door and my back balcony.

IMG_2407       IMG_2408

My brother and his family joined us for most of the day and that was a lot of fun. The girls spent all their time in my basement, crafting. They created adorable fairy gardens. Maybe their gardens will usher in spring!

IMG_2426      IMG_2427

Each girl started off with a wooden base, which I purchased at Michael’s. They had a lot of materials to choose from, including buttons, polished pebbles, moss, wooden spools, paint, etc.

IMG_2422      IMG_2423

These pictures aren’t the greatest since I only had my camera phone (I’ve loaned my actual camera to my son who loves to take pictures), and I don’t know why I took such aerial views!

IMG_2424       IMG_2425

Marissa hasn’t finished her fairy garden yet, so I’ll post hers later in the week.

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