Our Homeschool ABC’s

I’ve always wanted to make a homeschool ABC list! But instead of a how-to-homeschool list, this is a benefits and blessings list and my kids contributed. 🙂

A is for Anytime, Anywhere, Anything goes! Unlike public school, homeschooling takes place anytime of the day, anywhere inside or outside (in the real world!) and anything goes as far as the curriculum (the Bible counts!) and learning methods utilized.

B is for Books, books and more books! My kids love all the free time they have just to read. When they read for pleasure, reading is a pleasure!

C is for Creativity. Arts and crafts, baking, science experiments, Minecraft, fairy gardens, Oh My!


D is for Days. Snow days, vacation-anytime days, read-aloud days, field trip days, unit- study days, science days, art days, nature days, friend days at the zoo. Days our way!

E is for Excelling. Recently I asked a professional math teacher to evaluate my son’s math level. Compared to his public schooled peers, he is two levels ahead. Three Cheers for homeschooling and excelling at your own pace!

F is for Family and Friends. Homeschooling has given us more quality family time which means more time to nurture sibling and parent relationships, and friendships, too.

G is for God. God is welcome in our home and we can feel His spirit here.

H is for Happy Hearts. Spending our days learning together makes our hearts happy!

I is for Influence. Our home influence is one of love, acceptance, encouragement, unity and high moral standards which fosters self-confidence and individual worth.

J is for Jammies! Learning in pajamas is comfortable and fun!

K is for Knowledge, both academic and spiritual together, which we believe makes up a complete education.

L is for Life. We actually have a life! It’s not all about school. There’s a nice balance.

M is for Mornings. We love our relaxed, ease-into-the-day mornings together. We have time for a hot, nutritious breakfast, for a morning nature walk, for curling up and reading together…

N is for Never-ending Possibilities! Homeschooling means we can dive into a subject that catches our fancy, switch gears in the middle of the day or have a spur-of-the-moment picnic lunch at a park.


O is for Outdoors. Who wants to be stuck inside at a desk when it’s a gorgeous sunny day outside?

P is for Peace. Homeschooling has brought me great peace of mind, knowing my children are safe from the worldly and negative aspects of public school that we experienced first-hand.

Q is for Quiet. At home we can hear ourselves think! Sometimes the world around us is noisy and confusing, but at home, we can tune the world out and focus on what matters most.

R is for Rhythm. We learn, play, eat, sleep, (go to the bathroom!) at our own natural rhythm. So much healthier!

Science experiment 9-10-2014 (4)

S is for Science. My son’s greatest passion (except maybe Minecraft). Plenty of hands-on science activities at our house.

T is for Time. Time to be a family, time to be a kid, time to parent, time to listen, time to play and explore the world around us, time to learn and grow, time to eat lunch, time to just be. Sweet, blissful time that isn’t wasted sitting at a desk for hours, day after day.

U is for Uniqueness. Each child’s unique talents, abilities and personal interests are celebrated and pursued!

V is for Values and Virtues. At home, we learn and live by The Golden Rule and The Ten Commandments. We forgive, serve, and love one another.

W is for Witty! We feel rather clever for going off the traditional path of public schooling and daring to take education into our own hands! 😉

X is for X-tra. Extra a-ha moments that I get to witness!

Y is for Youth. Teens need their parents and homeschooling lets parents be more of an influence.

Z is for Zero! Zero grades. Zero data-mining. Zero “teaching-to-the-test”. Zero conformity. Zero tears.


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15 thoughts on “Our Homeschool ABC’s

  1. What a beautiful and encouraging post! If I was a child, I would want to be in your school! You are an amazing woman, Camie. Keep up the good work in encouraging others and raising Godly children at home and at school :). Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, you whipped up your list in no time! It took me three days to make mine, ha ha! You came up with some great words, too. I like how like-minded we are. 🙂


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  5. What an encouraging and grateful post. I loved every letter but my favorites were I, T and U. God Bless you and your family! So glad to have found your blog and and am able to “know you” by reading what is on your heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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