The Perfect School Day

Easy going, stay cozy in our pajamas, linger over a pancake breakfast, together mornings.

No backpacks, no cold lunches, no need to bundle up, no bus to catch.


One daughter, comfy on her bed, laptop open, paying rapt attention to her online science teacher.

No loud bells, no lining up, no hall passes, no hurry-up-and-get-to-class-or-you’ll-be-tardy.


One son, at the table, creating a chalk pastel masterpiece, taking his time.

Leisurely lunches together, laughing and talking while we eat. We can have peanut butter!


Free to go outside anytime we like. Let’s visit a museum or take a nature walk together.

Free to stay inside if we prefer, warm and snug. There’s plenty to do, alone and together…

Dive into a unit study.

Read a classic book.

Set up a science experiment.

Cultivate a talent.

Play a game.

Create something amazing.

No afternoon slumps, no homework battles, no wondering how their day was because I shared their day and they shared mine.

The perfect school day and it took place at home.

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