Reflecting Back (2015-2016 Homeschool Year)

I can’t believe another homeschool year has come and gone! I think it’s good to reflect back on a year and what we’ve accomplished. This past year was spent mostly in the Arizona desert and partly at our home in Utah, and if you’ve followed me for a while than you know this is normal for us. We have a home-base in Utah, but we live for the most part, wherever my husband’s job takes us.

Marissa at Epcot where they have lovely displays of flowers and shrubbery. Our Disney World trip was her high school graduation trip.

It was a milestone year for Marissa. She has now graduated high school and starts at a university this fall with the plan to major in Marine Biology. And, she was accepted without a state-issued diploma, solely on her merits as a successful homeschooler with a transcript (of 18 credits, but only 15 were required) and her ACT score. I can’t help feeling a bit proud about that! I am deeply thankful to Liahona Academy for providing her English, math, science and history through excellent online courses, as well as her transcript (which made my job a lot easier!).


Here are the highlights from Marissa’s senior year-

Her favorite read for English.
Her favorite family read-aloud.

This book is special to us because it was our first read-aloud together when we first began our homeschooling journey and Marcus couldn’t remember the story so it was perfect to re-visit. It’s always been one of my personal favorites.

Her favorite craft: her fairy gardens.
Her favorite field trip: Tombstone, Arizona
Her favorite event: Prom, where she participated in the senior-walk down a flight of stairs.


Hanging out with Mater, at Epcot.

It was a year of excelling in math for Marcus who completed Pre-Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 1. The year before was a slower year for math as more focus was on his grammar and essay writing. So this was his math year. Hooray for homeschooling! Here are other highlights from Marcus’ seventh-grade year…

510cd0w1aUL        51ZQE83KMXL

His top two favorite read-alouds.

cell cake pics (12)
His favorite science lab: designing a cell cake.
His favorite field trip was also visiting Tombstone.


As for me…

This desert scene on our homeschool room wall took us a few days to create.

I loved our desert unit…


And all the nature walks we took together here in the Sonoran desert. I feel we’ve embraced our life here in Arizona. ♥ Stay tuned for a planning post for our upcoming homeschool year, with just me and my son.

7 thoughts on “Reflecting Back (2015-2016 Homeschool Year)

  1. Wow! Congrats on your daughter’s graduation and college acceptance. That’s awesome! My oldest daughter will be graduating next year, and she will be our first homeschool graduate, so I’m so nervous about doing everything right. And your son’s another job well done. What an amazing math year for him! You must be so proud, and rightfully so!

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