Our First Bloom Night


Here in Arizona there is an amazing cactus flower called the Peniocereus greggi, also known as the Queen of the Night.




What is special about this flower is that it only blooms once a year, after sundown. All of the flowers in one area bloom at the same time and for the collection at Tohono Chul, bloom night this year was Saturday, June 18th.


And this year, we were there to experience our first bloom night.


The desert trail was lined with paper candle lanterns.


Another interesting fact about this flower is that it only has one pollinator: the Hawk moth.

It was a lovely evening walking around the desert to admire and photograph this unique flower. There were hundreds of people there so we were glad we arrived early. We stayed for two hours and then left when the crowds were becoming a bit much for us, although everyone was patient and courteous. Our tips for this event- Come early, wear good walking shoes (closed toed), watch out for cactus on the side of the trail (I brushed up against one and received a few scratches on my leg), bring your camera and know your settings, bring a flashlight (Marcus wore a headlamp) and if you’re only using a camera phone, use a flashlight to illuminate the flower when you take a picture at night.

18 thoughts on “Our First Bloom Night

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  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- you are a fantastic photographer. Thank you for all the info about this flower; I’ve never heard of it before. You are so blessed to live in such an amazing area. 🙂

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