Lessons From Our Homeschool Journey

We didn’t discover homeschooling until our last child entered public school. You can read our homeschool story here. Until then, my husband and I blindly followed society and sent our children to local public schools where we experienced some good, but definitely the bad and the ugly that the system offers. More about that here. I started out homeschooling only my youngest, but eventually both daughters joined us (by then, my oldest had graduated from public high school). Now the girls are homeschool graduates and we’re back to a mom and son duo.

For the first four years, we blissfully unschooled (I highly recommend the unschooling approach for the early years). Now we are happy eclectic homeschoolers: Some of our subjects are covered through online classes. We use very little formal curriculum. We love reading great literature together, we enjoy unit studies, we self-teach, and we follow our passions.

With that in mind, here are some of the lessons we have gleaned in seven + years of homeschooling (in no particular order):

♥ We have learned that there will always be naysayers among our circle of family and friends, but we’re not homeschooling to please them. We’re homeschooling because that is what is best for our family and our opinions are the only ones that matter.


♥ We have learned that we may sometimes feel alone on this journey, but the reality is that there are many other homeschoolers out there. There are other like-minded parents and kids who treasure homeschooling as much as we do.

♥ We have learned that education is not separate from life. They are one and the same. In other words, just living life is an education. (We have also been privileged to have lived in another culture and what an education that was!)

♥ We have learned that there are multiple ways to acquire knowledge. There is no single right way to learn something and the best way to learn looks different for every child and can even change from subject to subject.


♥ We have learned that we will never go back to the public school system. For us, this is simply not an option. We value our freedom and time together and we can see how the system keeps getting worse.

♥ I have learned it’s unwise to compare our homeschool to any other homeschool. Each homeschool is unique because each family is unique.

♥ My kids have learned they should not compare their education to that of their friends, especially their public-schooled friends. We believe every child’s education should be one-of-a-kind because every child is one-of-a-kind. (Of course, schools don’t believe this.)

♥ We have learned that we prefer being outdoors surrounded by nature. We love our beautiful earth and appreciate it more when we go outside and immerse ourselves in it. There is much to discover and learn from nature.


♥ And finally we have learned to embrace childhood and family time, to not get caught up in what the world thinks, but to live by our values and go with our family flow.

What homeschool or life lessons have you learned?

20 thoughts on “Lessons From Our Homeschool Journey

  1. kneadingpatience

    I love these points. We are just starting our homeschool journey and it’s great gleaning lessons learned from others who are further along in their journey. Thank you for sharing yours!

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  2. momentsdippedinink

    I love this! I don’t yet homecshool (my littles are only 3 and 1), but I do plan to in the future. Right now, we learn through play…and I plan to keep that up as long as possible.

    I struggle so much with comparing what my children are learning to what other children are learning (even though they are still so little.) It’s so easy to fall in that trap, but I’m learning to focus on just enjoying them.

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  3. juniper9173

    I love these rules especially the one about not comparing your homeschool to another. I will homeschooling my 8yr old for the first time and pray for confidence and not to let myself feel inadequate to what others may be doing. Great article! Thank you.

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  4. I love your experience of having kids in public school and homeschooling. Like everyone else, your idea of not comparing with other students is so simple yet very difficult to pull off. I realized that my job as a teacher is not to compare my kids with anyone or anything. Each child is a puzzle to figure out and goals for each one depends on what God has for their path. Because I wasn’t out to impress, my kids were able to follow their passions. My oldest started play directing at 8 for our church nativity. Now she is one semester left until graduating with theatre arts and script writing degree. She wants to bring good theatre to the churches. My son followed his love for coin dealing and spent much homeschooling time as an apprentice at a coin shop. I could go on, but I have a tome here. So what did I learn? Let your kids pursue their passions, even in high school. They may end up in careers you never even thought of. Now that’s the legacy of the homeschooler.

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  6. Lovely lessons. I’m agreeing more and more with:

    ” We have learned that we will never go back to the public school system. For us, this is simply not an option. We value our freedom and time together and we can see how the system keeps getting worse.”

    I’ve always held to “never say never,” but I’m realizing more and more how damaging public school would be to my family.

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    1. Exactly! All we have to do is follow the news stories and trends of what is going on in the system today to see it’s getting worse, not better. There are so many issues because the system is truly broken, but instead of fixing it, bureaucrats keep putting band-aids on it. And I know this is going to sound over-dramatic, but I honesty see evil forces at work with our schools.


  7. I love this! Especially this quote- “We believe every child’s education should be one-of-a-kind because every child is one-of-a-kind.” That is a beautiful truth. I’m sharing this on my Lazy Day Links for this week!

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