Inspirational Movie


Tonight we saw the Disney movie, Queen of Katwe. This is a beautiful, inspiring movie, based on the true story of a young Uganda girl named, Phiona. With the help of an engineer-turned missionary and by her own determination, Phiona learned to play chess so well that she was able to compete and win tournaments, paving the way to an education she could not have afforded otherwise and giving her family the opportunity to rise from their poverty stricken life.

This movie is rated PG. It’s clean, but there are some adult themes which I thought were handled in a sensitive way. There is a traumatic, unexpected scene that thankfully ends well. For these reasons, I feel this movie is more suited for older children. My 13-year old son enjoyed this movie and it made for a meaningful family discussion afterwards. We saw a lot of this kind of poverty when we lived in Peru and it is truly heartbreaking. But stories like this one give hope! This movie is definitely worth seeing.

♥ What is your favorite inspirational movie? ♥

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