Love at Home

This is one of my favorite hymns that we sing at church. I think that my family brings love into our home when we have cheerful attitudes, are considerate of each other’s space and feelings, speak to one another in soft tones, are quick to forgive each other’s mistakes, and when we put away worldly distractions to spend quality time together. Some of my favorite moments at home are around the dinner table because we don’t allow books or electronics while we eat and we engage in lively conversation. Often, we end up sharing funny experiences we’ve had which brings out smiles and laughter.

I also love crafting with my daughters and when I can get Marcus interested, creating with him as well. This week for example, Marcus and I been making Minecraft decorations for an upcoming Truck or Treat activity. I’m enjoying our time painting creepers, square pumpkins and spiders with him.

 ♥ What are some of the ways your family brings love into your home? What are some of your family’s favorite activities at home? ♥

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