Trolls Movie


My family and I saw the movie, Trolls, this past weekend. My daughter, Marissa, and I enjoyed it the most. My other kids thought it was “weird”, but I heard them laughing a few times. The theater was full of families with young children (and us, ha ha). Everyone there seemed to enjoy it by the amount of laughter we heard.

Trolls are always singing, hugging and dancing. With all of those natural highs, they are filled with happiness and that is why the depressing Bergens want to eat them! After a Bergen steals Princess Poppy’s friends, she sets off to rescue them, with the help from another troll named Branch, who has lost his happiness. They have a musical adventure along the way.

If you were familiar with Trolls as a kid, I think you’d like this movie. If you’re a kid who likes, Smurfs, I think you’ll love this movie. And if you appreciate animated musicals, I think you’d enjoy this movie as well (Think, Gnomeo and Juliet). I thought, Trolls, had a fun soundtrack.

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