Winter Evening View


This was my evening view from my living room window and back deck tonight. I am loving being back in my home here in northern Utah, especially for this Christmas season. This has become our home away from home for the past four years and now it gets to be our actual home for a while. I’m so happy!


My son, Zach, came home this weekend. That is always fun. Some of my readers may remember that he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis this past March. This has been a year of adjustment for him, full of doctors appointments and varying symptoms. I am so proud of his upbeat attitude towards his health. He has been blogging about his ups and downs. I’m excited to have all my college kids home this next weekend.


In one of my recent posts, I mentioned my church’s Light the World initiative, which is for anyone of any faith to participate in as they choose. By the way, it’s never too late to start sharing your light of Christ with the world around you. I’d love to hear your Light the World stories. One of my extended family members donated her hair. Of course, little things can mean just as much- A smile for a stranger as you are shopping. Bringing your neighbor’s empty trash can in from the curb. Being a listening ear.

♥ Wishing my readers a joyful week. I’ll try to post a couple times this week and share some of my family’s Christmas traditions and ways we’ve been Lighting the World together.

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