Nativities and Our Christmas Advents


We have a lovely newlywed couple living temporarily in our basement (which has all the components of an apartment such as a full kitchen, master suite, 2nd laundry room and 2nd family room). The husband made us this manger as an early Christmas gift. It’s the perfect fit for my oldest nativity set. I couldn’t sleep early this morning so I sat on my couch and just looked at this rustic manger. I love it. Maybe I can find a light brown cloth or burlap to go underneath.


Most of our nativities are from Peru. We have at least twelve different Peruvian nativities. Most are small like these on our piano, but I do have two large sets. (The nativity at the very back belongs to the wife of the couple I just mentioned. It’s from Africa and made out of banana leaves.)


I wanted to share our family’s Christmas advents. We count down the 24 days leading up to Christmas by reading a special story each night. In past years we have read these stories out of a binder which my sister-in-law made for us. This year I had enough Christmas storybooks in our collection to wrap them individually. One is randomly selected and unwrapped each night for our story time. Some of these storybooks have accompanying CDs or DVDs which we listen to or watch. Most of these stories are about the true meaning of Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we read the Christmas story out of the Bible.


This year we started a new advent tradition- 12 days of Christmas. I made a set of 12 ornaments out of Jenga blocks, each featuring a different name of Christ found in the Bible or The Book of Mormon. I wrapped each one and put a tag on it so we’d know which to open on which day. There is an accompanying scripture verse with each one.

♥ How does your family count down to Christmas? I hope all of my readers are having a wonderful week. ♥


8 thoughts on “Nativities and Our Christmas Advents

  1. I love your nativity sets as well as your neighbors banana skin set!

    What a gift that manger is! I would love it too. I only have 3 nativity sets. I look for them on my travels, but haven’t had much luck since I don’t usually travel during Christmas.
    I was lucky once in Mexico though and found a small tin set. I treasure it.

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    1. It was a special gift. The nativities we bought in Peru were sold year round at this particular market and they were inexpensive compared to buying them from stores here in the states. I’m glad you found the Mexico one. Merry Christmas.

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