O Come, Emmanuel

I wanted to share some of the ways my family has been participating in Light the World. We put together a special anonymous Christmas gift for a widow in our ward. I shared one of my favorite scripture verses in a group text (which prompted another to share theirs). We treated my mom and her husband to a delicious dinner at a favorite restaurant. We’ve prayed for others as a family. We participated in a food drive for our local food bank. We’ve shared our dinner with the young couple living in our basement. We’ve attended our church services. Today was the Christmas program (Christmas Sunday will be talks by each member of the bishopric) which featured a narrator reading the Christmas story from the scriptures, music by our choir, musical numbers, and several hymns the congregation sang along with the choir.

♥ I would love to hear ways you’ve been sharing your light with the world this Christmas season. ♥

7 thoughts on “O Come, Emmanuel

  1. What a lovely way to share Christmas! We can’t do anything nowadays but I loved the traditions we had in days past. Food drives and the Christmas giving trees (you pick a child’s name off the tree and buy them the gifts they list), and because of a lost child we’d get a gift for Toys for Tots that she would have loved; we chose gifts to match the age she would have been that Christmas.

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  2. Oh my gosh, your stories brought to the fore a cherished memory for me and my family. One of the ward members was our Secret Santa and drew our name many, many years ago. Every evening about 5pm during the 12 days before Christmas the doorbell rang and there was a plain brown paper bag with a little ornament left on the door stoop. Inside was an ornament with one of the 12 days of Christmas on it. We never caught them, though we tried!! We all loved this series, and anticipated the doorbell each night knowing it would last 12 days.
    On the 12th day the whole family came to the door and shared how much they enjoyed dropping off the ornaments playing doorbell ditch. We shared how much we loved trying to catch them at it and how much we loved the ornaments.

    It’s been nearly 2 decades since then and I still hang every ornament. We treasure them and enjoy telling the tale of how we received them.

    How have I shared the light…I’ve baked a bit and have given the goodies away, and I’m teaching or hope I am teaching #1 Grandson about all the magic, wonder, and beauty of the season with stories, music, gifting, and our family traditions.
    He loves the music, decorations, and seeing friends, and family. So, it begins. 🙂

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