Our Christmas


On Christmas Eve Day we opened a wonderful package sent to us by new friends in Kentucky. It warmed our hearts!


As it was Marcus’ birthday, he got to open seven gifts, each wrapped multiple times by his sister. We gave him a group gift of the first seven seasons of MythBusters. He was definitely one happy birthday boy!


For the weeks leading up to Christmas Day, northern Utah seemed to be in a pattern of occasional hopeful snowfall, immediately followed by rain, which of course turned the snow to slush so that the only snow sticking around was in the mountains. Waking up to this backyard view on Christmas morning brought big smiles to our faces. It was a white Christmas after all. In our opinion, that’s the best kind!


After checking out what Santa brought us, my daughters surprised me with a new outfit I could wear to church. Luckily, our chapel is only down the street a few blocks. I enjoyed having Christmas fall on the Sabbath this year. We only held Sacrament meeting and the bishopric each took a turn sharing a Christmas message in between singing Christmas hymns as a ward family. It was very meaningful to me to partake of the sacrament and focus on my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, on Christmas day.


Back at home, 3 of my kids changed back into their Christmas Eve pajamas before we gathered together in our living room to open our presents to each other. We started with the gift that had been sitting under our tree since Thanksgiving weekend. It was from my sister-in-law, who had vacationed with our family (with my brother and their four children) at Disney World this past May.


She gave us this beautiful denim quilt which she made with her mother and this is one of my favorite gifts given to us this year.


Just having my husband and all our kids home with me made this a perfect Christmas (and the snow of course!). My mother-in-law spent Christmas with us, and we exchanged gifts with the young newly wed couple living downstairs.


They (the young couple) gave us this beautifully framed print (from an original painting; the wife knew the artist before he passed away from cancer) of the Logan temple. I was so touched by their gift that tears sprang to my eyes upon opening it. Today we found the perfect spot for it, next to our front door. (We have limited wall space upstairs due to all our big windows.)


The Logan temple truly is a beautiful, historic temple (it was the second operating temple). If you’re ever up this way, make sure you visit the temple grounds as all visitors are welcome to walk around the outside.

♥ So that was our Christmas in a nutshell. I hope your Christmas was special and I wish all my readers a Happy New Year. What was your favorite part of Christmas this year? I’d love to hear of any special gifts you received. ♥

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