We’re Having a Heat Wave!


Just kidding. For some reason I have the song line, “We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave, the temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising, she certainly can can-can!” stuck in my head.


Actually, we are in the middle of a winter storm warning and freezing rain.


My oldest son and I have been braving the weather at different times to satisfy our love for outdoor photography.


I even re-visited my favorite red barn.


This was the best shot I could get of a herd of elk camping out just off the highway here.


♥ I hope all of my readers are staying warm! How is the weather where you live? ♥

34 thoughts on “We’re Having a Heat Wave!

  1. Same here in Riga, Latvia. However today the snow all around is starting to show signs of lessening. Not quite melting but it has gone off all of the tree branches. Your dog looks about as happy as our cat in the snow especially when our Sid comes in with a furry belly full of snow. Sid sends you do a sincere meow he knows how it is when you cannot run freely.


      1. PaperPuff

        London is a great city, and brilliant to visit if you love history. But be warned if you do ever visit, as for the weather, you really can get two or three seasons in one day, sometimes!

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  2. Anne

    We saw your -26 on the news and decided to bask in our warm 6.😃

    We have a few good inches of snow but we’re too sick to get out and enjoy it. Maybe next week.

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  3. The pictures are gorgeous! Kudos to you and your son for them! We haven’t had our normal amount of snow but it’s gotten really cold the last few days. Not as cold as you but cold enough for this old lady!

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      1. We’re cold (not horribly) but we have a high wind warning for tonight into tomorrow morning. I hate those! Sustained 40 mph and gusts of up to 60 mph. I’m praying our trees don’t attack the car! Have you frozen solid yet?

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      2. A while back we had high winds that whipped our deck table over, smashing the glass and bending the umbrella after sailing it through the air. Luckily our recent cold snap only lasted a few days. It’s a glorious 38 today!

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