Hidden Figures (Movie Review)

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Last night I saw this movie with my husband on a date night. It was such a great movie that we want our kids to go see it, especially our youngest son who has a mind for math and science. This is the true story of three amazing African-American women who made a huge impact on U.S. history through their brilliant work at NASA during a time when we were struggling in the Space Race. These women were spunky, highly intelligent and courageous. They faced the challenges of racial segregation, and stood tall, much like Rosa Parks. I think this would be an excellent movie to watch as a family, followed by a discussion about life in the 60’s, the Space Race, and the importance of mathematics! This movie was clean, except for a little language (what stood out to me was Kevin Costner’s character taking the Lord’s name in vain).

I found this link for kids about the Space Race if you want to check it out.

4 thoughts on “Hidden Figures (Movie Review)

  1. My husband and I also saw it and I agree with your assessment and would also highly recommend it. Compared to most movies today it is pretty “clean.” We don’t often go to the theater, but this one is definitely worth seeing on the big screen!

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    1. Yes, other than at least that one instance of brief language (there might have been another instance, but I can’t remember now), it was clean and appropriate for older children. It is rated PG.

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