A Winter’s Evening


It was a quiet day here. Well, except for my sneezing. I have the loudest sneeze of anyone I know! My family jokes about my sneezes rattling our windows. And it was my family, or rather my two sons, who were kind enough to pass their colds onto me.


It snowed again today, then rained immediately afterwards. I was content to stay inside in my pajamas. My oldest daughter was sweet enough to make breakfast for the four of us (me, herself and her two brothers). My husband left early this morning on a ten-day business trip. She made a delicious French toast casserole, bacon and scrambled eggs. She even made buttermilk syrup. Then she cleaned up so I could just relax. I have such good kids!


I watched my son’s online history class with him. I love that class. Today Brother DeGraff gave examples of how our Supreme Court impacts our society (for both better and for worse). One of the examples he gave was of Ruby Bridges. After his class, I thought it would be good for Marcus to watch a movie that might help him understand what life was like in the 1960’s. Since he had never seen, The Help, that was the one we chose. It’s a fictional story, but I really like it. I’ve read the book and highly recommend it.


The evening sky was so lovely tonight that I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures off our back deck, in my slippers of course.

19 thoughts on “A Winter’s Evening

    1. What’s up with that? Crazy temps! It’s 48 and rainy here today. I can hear the wind howling outside. By late tonight the rain might turn to snow and snow is predicted for the next three days. We’ve had so much snow and rain here that neighbors’ basements are flooding.

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