A Dog’s Purpose (Movie Review)


My youngest college daughter is home for the weekend since Monday is a holiday. Yay! As a family we saw, A Dog’s Purpose, Saturday afternoon. This is a drama about a sweet dog who reincarnates several times. In each life he is a different dog with a different owner, but the main story centers around a boy named, Ethan, who adores his dog, Bailey, as much as Bailey adores him. We get to watch Ethan grow up, we see his home life, meet his grandparents on their farm, and just after he goes off to college, the story changes with a reincarnation.

This movie is rated PG and is family appropriate, although I would recommend it more for older children as there are some dramatic scenes (a house fire, a water rescue, and some brief violence), and of course Bailey dies several times (usually from old age, but once from a bleeding wound). If you do take a younger child to see this, you might want to explain beforehand how the dog will live, then die, then live again as a new dog. Otherwise you might be explaining it to a confused child in the middle of the movie (as one mom did in the row behind us).

This was a heartwarming, tender movie. Keep that in mind if you are like me and can’t help getting a bit emotional watching an animal die (even knowing it’s not the end). Let me know if you see this movie and what you thought of it. I know it got mixed reviews, but my family enjoyed it. Ethan’s character is likable, Bailey is of course, everything you’d expect from a loyal pet, and the ending is satisfying.

♥ Oh, and the best part for me was hearing more than one child leave the theater saying, “Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey!” ♥

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