Tulip Festival

On Saturday our family visited Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah, for their tulip festival. I was thrilled because we hadn’t been to a tulip festival in years. It was a beautiful day and all the more fun to be there with favorite cousins. Here are a some of my best photos-













♥ Which photo is your favorite? Have you been to a tulip festival? ♥

29 thoughts on “Tulip Festival

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  2. They all look beautiful, but I like the top one best. We have some vintage cine footage of the Spalding Flower festival that my grandfather took with me there aged about 3. I don’t remember it, but I think my grandparents used to visit most years. I love visiting our local church when they have their flower festival

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  4. I’ve never been to a tulip festival, it looks amazing!
    I’m tempted to say the glossy red tulips are my favourite because thats my favourite colour,
    but I’d love to of been stood in front of the beautiful sea of mixed colours, thank you for sharing these lovely pictures.

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