Light of the World Garden (at Thanksgiving Point)

Within Ashton gardens at Thanksgiving Point, where we visited their tulip festival, is a breathtaking area of sculptures depicting scenes from the mortal ministry of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s called, The Light of the World Garden.

It was really crowded as it was a Saturday, and I felt rushed taking my photos with so many visitors pressing in, but I want to share these with you-

DSC03611 (2)
It Is I, Be Not Afraid  Matthew 14:22-27
DSC03713 (2)
I Give You Living Water  John 4:4-42
Be Thou Clean  Matthew 8:1-4
DSC03701 (2)
Master Say On  Luke 7:36-50
DSC03697 (2)
Someone Hath Touched Me  Luke 8:43-48
DSC03680 (2)
O My Father  Matthew 14:23
DSC03671 (2)
One Thing Is Needful  Luke 10:38-42
DSC03670 (2)
His Gathering  Luke 13:34
DSC03658 (2)
Let He That Is Without Sin  John 8:1-11

DSC03651 (2)

DSC03654 (2)
Lazarus, Come Forth  John 11:1-44
DSC03648 (2)
Gethsemane  Luke 22:39-53
DSC03640 (2)
Because of Love  Mark 15 and John 12:23-50
Mary    John 20:11-18
DSC03632 (2)
Reach In Faith  John 20:24-31
My young nephew, gazing at Christ’s nail prints.

This last scene is special to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, because it depicts Joseph Smith’s First Vision.

DSC03619 (2)
This Is My Beloved Son  Joseph Smith History 1:17

♥ You really have to be there in person to fully appreciate these beautiful works of art by Angela Johnson, but hopefully these photos give you a taste. Let me know which is your favorite. ♥

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