Beautiful Motherhood


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a 52 story. Since it’s May and Mother’s Day is coming up, I thought I’d jot down a few pregnancy and birth memories and a poem I wrote to express my feelings about motherhood.

I absolutely loved being pregnant. Each kick and movement felt like a secret between baby and me. Life is sacred and precious. Every baby is a gift from my Heavenly Father, one of His children that He has entrusted to my care.

I craved different foods with each pregnancy. I remember dragging my husband from restaurant to restaurant in Park City, asking each one if they had garlic bread on their menu. None of them did. So we found a grocery store and bought some from the bakery and that was our dinner that night! That was with my first pregnancy. With my second, I craved spinach. Lots of spinach!


My husband knew I was pregnant with our third before I did. He figured it out when I had a sudden craving for strawberry Pop-Tarts, which I hadn’t eaten in years. I practically lived off the stuff when I was a senior in high school (I kept a box in my locker) and early in our marriage, but then I think I tired of them. One day we were grocery shopping as a family and on a whim I voiced that our young son and daughter should try strawberry Pop Tarts. I placed a box in our cart as my husband quietly walked away to hunt down a pregnancy test. He insisted I take it when we got home and sure enough, it was positive.

Our third child was born on our living room couch after my water broke for the first time on its own, a mere 30 minutes before. We had started out for the hospital, but at the head of the neighborhood I felt baby’s head crowning. David looked for himself, turned the car around and ended up delivering our baby at home with the paramedics on their way and a 9-1-1 dispatcher coaching over the phone. She thought I had passed out because I wasn’t screaming. I was intensely focused on the emergency instructions we’d received at our last birth preparation class (which we’d taken just for fun), which was to do the candle-blow (hold your head back and puff out air) to slow things down. My friend, Carly (the same one I taught to towel-fold), had to tell me when it was okay to push. She was visiting us from Utah (we lived in Washington at the time) and had planned to watch our children while we were in the hospital delivering, but ended up co-delivering instead. Baby came out with her cord wrapped around her neck. David remembered more emergency instructions, and placed two of his fingers between the cord and her neck. 5 minutes later, the paramedics arrived and took over. They cut the cord, gave both baby and me oxygen, warmed a bunch of my peach-colored towels in our microwave and dryer, and at one point, wondered why David wasn’t taking any pictures! That was my first and only ride in an ambulance, and the paramedics tried to get me to nurse my baby on the way. I told them that was nearly impossible as I was laying down flat with an oxygen tube attached to me.

Later that night, after poor Carly had cleaned up the mess on her own (because David drove after the ambulance to the hospital), my funny husband forgot his senses and instructed her to sleep on the same couch (it was a couch bed) where I’d just given birth. Carly hyperventilated and he ended up taking her to the emergency room! With our fourth and last child, she wisely waited until AFTER he was born to visit us.

Because of the hurried way Marissa was born, my doctor insisted on a planned delivery for my fourth. My due date was late December. He really wanted to deliver this baby himself, but he had planned a vacation right after Christmas. He told us on the morning of Christmas Eve that he wanted to deliver, but a bed wasn’t available to me until that evening (I think it was a full moon or something). And that’s why Marcus was born at 6 minutes to midnight on Christmas Eve. Best Christmas present ever! 


My babies are 14, 19, 21 and 24 now. Sometimes I have missed their early childhood years so much it hurts. I honestly rocked those years! I do cherish each stage of motherhood, however. Each is rewarding and filled with love and laughter. It is fun to have adult conversations with my college kids and to watch them pursue their dreams. And this morning as my teenager and I were homeschooling together, I couldn’t help feeling a deep satisfaction at what we’re accomplishing and how far we’ve come in our homeschool journey. I would miss out on so much of his life if we did not homeschool.

Beautiful motherhood,

Wrapped in moments of pure joy, mingled with hope and reflection.

Surprising motherhood,

Unleashing fierce mama bear and hidden talents.

Delightful motherhood,

Brimming with hugs, laughter, happy tears, boundless love.

Imperfect, messy, chaotic motherhood,

Sometimes terrifying, often mystifying, on occasion- heartbreaking,

Worth every sacrifice, ounce of patience, worry, and toil.

Beautiful motherhood,

My essential breath; the core beating of my heart.

~Camie Madsen

Thanks for visiting my blog! (Credit for the Popeye clipart goes to All Things  ♥ Feel free to share a pregnancy craving, birth story or something you love about motherhood (or your wife or mother) as a comment below.

19 thoughts on “Beautiful Motherhood

  1. Camie beautiful article and poem. I wrote on self-care and self-preservation today- mentioning moms. It;s been so long since I was pregnant (grown kids) and unfortunately, my pregnancies were frought with months of severe morning sickness*(afternoon and night). Still it was all worth it with the birth of three healthy daughters. Thanks for your article!

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    1. Thank you, Victoria. It’s been many years since I was pregnant, also. It’s amazing what we women go through to have a baby! You’re right, it was all worth it. Your article was excellent!


  2. Beautiful poem Camie and I enjoyed your birth stories especially when your poor friend began hyperventilating because I could see myself doing the same. I thought I would like being pregnant but while I was thrilled to know I had a baby growing in my tummy 2 of my 3 pregnancies triggered severe asthma attacks that landed me in the hospital. When son number 2 was born since I knew from a sonogram he was a boy when the doctor announced the obvious and I was in a sour mood I’m ashamed to admit I was dismissive. In my defense, I was a little irritated because the hospital wouldn’t let me use a birthing room and instead I was taken to a delivery room, legs strapped down and it felt like a torture chamber. Also, I was so hungry and really wanted to use the phone to call my family because I was taken to the women’s hospital in the city since they deemed me “high risk” because of asthma. My thing was I’d used a birthing room with son number one, then later son number three (both such excellent experiences) this delivery while memorable I wanted so badly to recreate the experience I had with the birth of my first son.

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    1. Wow, Steph! I experienced both rooms, too, and the birthing room is by far the best. I had to share a recovery room once and that wasn’t fun at all. Asthma during pregnancy sounds rough! Thank you for sharing and Happy Mother’s Day! 🌺

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      1. In the birthing room things were so calm and relaxed. I was able to walk around munching on ice chips until I’d dilated enough to begin delivering. It was such a beautiful experience with no pain meds but they broke my water and induced me. There was a brief moment of fear when I heard a woman screaming in pain. My nurse looked at me and said not to worry not everyone reacts the same and honestly I still wonder how the woman was able to gather enough strength to scream.

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      2. I was induced twice. I don’t think I would’ve ever had enough strength to scream, LOL. I agree, the birthing room is calm and relaxed. It’s always nicer to be able to walk around.

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  3. You wrote a beautiful poem and the story of giving birth at home was great! My father delivered two of my brothers at home and I nearly gave birth to my firstborn at home. I guess sometimes babies are in a hurry to greet the world!

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