Sunset Wanderings in My Backyard


One of my favorite things to do in the country is to take a sunset stroll.


This evening, my daughter meandered with me. We wonder how long this machinery has been resting on this spot?


As we ambled along, we babbled about any and everything that popped into our noggins.


Even weeds can be delightful on a country lane in the gloaming.


As we moseyed back to our homestead, I counted my blessings. I am thankful to be country girl.

♥ Do you ever roam around your neighborhood at the close of day? What sights do you see? ♥

18 thoughts on “Sunset Wanderings in My Backyard

  1. Lovely photographs, Camie! I can’t wander much but I love to go to Pete’s house and sit on the back deck in the evening. The wildlife comes out of their woods and plays in the fields and the birds are everywhere as they rush to finish the last business of the day.

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  2. Gorgeous photographs! My area is so urban that I have started turning my front yard into a field of prairie grass and wildflowers. Can’t get to the country, so I’m bringing the country to the city!

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  3. Love your pictures. When we lived in the country I roamed the yard more often. Now that we live in what I call a glass house on a golf course, I stare out the windows more than roam. 🙂

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