Hiking Utah- Snow Canyon


Snow Canyon State Park is located near St George, Utah. We visited there for the first time last month when we went to see Shrek the Musical and Newsies at Tuacahn. Snow Canyon and Tuacahn are next door neighbors.

If you’re ever in St George make sure you see a performance at Tuacahn Amphitheatre.
DSC05147 (2)
These names were written in axel grease and date back to 1881. Of course, others have added their names because people like to do that for some reason!

The first trail we hiked was called Pioneer Names trail.

I am seldom in photos since I’m usually the photographer. So, here I am!
DSC05155 (2)
My nephew, Erik, joined us for the day.

This trail is short and sweet, offering rock climbing for all ages, fun photo ops and great views.

DSC05196 (2)
Can you spot my oldest son? He’s camouflaged!

Next, we visited a picnic site and I honestly don’t know what this area is called, but it had an awesome climbing rock.

DSC05195 (2)

Snow Canyon was first discovered by Mormon pioneers while seeking for some of their wandering cattle. Snow Canyon was named for Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, early Mormon pioneer leaders.

DSC05229 (2)

Once on top, there was a huge area to explore and spectacular views.

DSC05251 (2)

Our final hike was Lava Flow trail. We only hiked a part of it, but what we saw was lovely. The contrast between the lava rock and the red rock is cool.

DSC05260 (2)

This was my favorite hike. There are several other hikes in Snow Canyon which we didn’t get to because of our limited time, but this was a great preview visit!

♥ Thanks for reading! If you’ve ever visited Snow Canyon, let me know. I hope all my readers are having an enjoyable summer. ♥

18 thoughts on “Hiking Utah- Snow Canyon

  1. These photos are beautiful but then again Shelly did say you are very talented 😉 I was expecting to see snow for some odd reason, I am so glad you shared them. I love “visiting” places of the world I will never actually see!

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  2. I was in St. George years ago when Baby Girl was in travel ball and we had a championship tournament there. It was 114 degrees in the shade while we were there. We didn’t do any hiking there or stay beyond the tournament. We headed to Zion NP from there.

    It looks like we missed some good trails, and good theater ops. Baby Girl and I love live theater especially musicals.

    I spotted your eldest in the bush! 🙂

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