2016-2017 Homeschool Year Highlights

Cloud 1 (1)Another homeschool year behind us; a new one just around the corner. At the start of this past homeschool year I had chosen an inspiration word (for the first time). I hoped this word would help me embrace a new stage of motherhood, one which felt bittersweet, such as my youngest daughter going off to college and only my baby of 14 left at home. (Or so I thought.)


We started our homeschool year, just the three of us (my husband, myself and our youngest son), in a small apartment, with very few friends, in Arizona…

Winter photos (49)
My favorite red barn

But ended it in Utah because my husband was told he could “work from home” for the first time in his entire career. Actually, we moved back to our home in Utah at Thanksgiving and have been here since, which was an answer to prayer for me.


It meant Marcus hasn’t felt like an “only child” as I had feared. We’ve been able to be together as a whole family. My oldest daughter was already living at home while she attends the local university. My oldest son made the choice to move home so we could support him as he adjusts to life with Multiple Sclerosis (he was diagnosed a year ago this past March at the age of 23) He is now working a full time job and trying out a robotics course at the local tech college. And my youngest daughter returned home after her first year at her university to live with us until she returns next month to start her second year.

New friends…

Assembling robots from kits.

We were delighted to meet a wonderful homeschooling family right in our town soon after moving back, and they have two boys close in age with my son. They got together for a science day in February and had a blast.

Fieldtrips we took this year…

On the Titan Missile base

In Arizona, we visited the Titan Missile Museum. That was very cool.

This hike was up Logan Canyon

In Utah we often go on hikes in the canyons nearby our home.

At Thanksgiving Point

We went to a tulip festival in April.

In Minute Man Park

Our favorite “fieldtrip” was all the way to New York City, Philadelphia and Boston! It was an amazing history trip with several other families also connected with the private school which we take online classes through- Liahona Preparatory Academy.

Our favorite art project…

Mixed medium art with gears and keys

Our favorite unit study this year…

This timeline was a blast to make!

Is it okay to be a proud mama over this unit study? It was my favorite homeschool time spent with my boy.

Our favorite read-aloud…


Such a wonderful series! We also read Peter Pan and Rush Revere and the American Revolution.

My son completed 3 online courses (Earth science, history, and Geometry/Algebra 2) and last, but definitely not least…


We started Poetry Tea Times! I owe this to my friend, Audria, who sent us a wonderful package to inspire and start us out. This was fun because it drew the college kids in.

♥ And that was our homeschool year in a nutshell. Stay tuned for our plans for a new year- 9th grade! I have mixed feelings about this, but there’s nothing I can do to freeze time. Maybe I should keep embrace going as my inspiration word. ♥

33 thoughts on “2016-2017 Homeschool Year Highlights

    1. Basically it’s a time you set aside to relax with your kids over tea or any other beverage, a treat (or breakfast or lunch) and poetry which everyone can take turns reading aloud. Some moms make this fancy with a cute tea set. Some use this time to also study a poet or artist.

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  1. Shilpa Garg

    It’s fantastic that you all got to spend time together as a family and accomplish so much too. Great going. Amazing pictures and I loved that mixed art artwork.

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