Hiking Utah- Tony Grove Nature Trail


One of my favorite hikes in our area is the nature trail around Tony Grove Lake. Tony Grove is a beautiful location for hiking, camping, fishing, picnicking, canoeing and observing wild life.

That’s Marcus out there learning how to steer his pontoon.

Tony Grove is located up Logan Canyon. It’s approx. 19 miles in and there is a sign showing when to pull off the highway and turn onto the 7 mile paved road which leads straight to the parking lot next to the lake. Take this road nice and easy as there are often grazing cattle. There is a $6 fee for parking.

Wildflowers are abundant here.
The 1.2 mile loop around the lake is perfect for families.
Did I mention there are pretty wildflowers here?
My model is my lovely daughter, Marissa.


Although this is an easy hike, a good portion of it is a narrow dirt path with rocks jutting out. I recommend sturdy footwear and careful treading. Children will enjoy climbing on some of the large rocks alongside the path.


View of lake from the back side.
I spy with my little eye… a moose napping in the marsh grass!

This was the part where I was wishing I had brought along my other lens! But it was fun to just observe his ears swish!

Here you can see more of his surroundings.


This part of the hike was walking through the thick of the wildflowers and other plant life with a gorgeous rock wall on one side.



DSC07029 DSC07036

♥ I hope you can see why I love this hike. I took these photos just yesterday in the late afternoon, early evening hours. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend. ♥


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