My Great-Great Grandpa Ebenezer

Some of my readers may remember my 52 story about my Great Grandma Nellie. This past Sunday, Marcus had an assignment in his Sunday School class at church. He was to share a story about an ancestor with his class. We decided he would show photographs and a story about Nellie. As I was exploring her page of my family tree on Family Search, I discovered a fun fact about Nellie’s father, Ebenezer…

Which I’ll get to in a minute! ♥ Nellie was born in Brighton, Sussex, England in 1897. She was the first child born to her parents, Ebenezer and Francis. She was 11-years old when she, with her father and her younger sister, set sail on a ship to America. They ended up in Utah with an aunt and uncle where Nellie spent the rest of her childhood years. Her mother had passed away when she was 7 and they left behind a brother who stayed with relatives in England. Nellie said her father always meant to bring her brother to America, but it never happened. Later in her life, Nellie was able to return to her native homeland to visit her brother, who was content to live out his life there.

Nellie’s father, Ebenezer

As I was reading up on Nellie’s history collected on my family tree, I learned that her father, Ebenezer, had been a talented musician. He played the cornet and here’s the fun fact I was mentioning earlier…

He once played in The Music Room of The Royal Pavilion, for Queen Victoria who later presented him with a very special gold and silver cornet, lined with the Royal crest. I wonder whatever happened to that gift? I will have to ask my mom if she knows. I honestly cannot remember ever hearing any stories about my Great-Great Grandfather, Ebenezer, and there is nothing more about him on my records, which is a shame.

♥ Do you have an interest in your family history? Do you use a site such as Family Search to keep track of your family tree? Have you ever discovered a fun or surprising fact about one of your ancestors? I’d love to hear about it! ♥

14 thoughts on “My Great-Great Grandpa Ebenezer

  1. What a cool story to have in your family’s folklore! Wouldn’t it be neat to find that Coronet again!

    My Mom got bitten by the Genealogy bug, and has been working on her parents sides of the family. She and I both have had DNA samples taken and are waiting for the results. My ancestor that first arrived in the US back in 1609 was Henry Hudson’s first mate, but when he disembarked and started his life here he used a made up name. Which is my Mom’s maiden name, but since that name isn’t real she hasn’t been able to trace him or his roots any farther. It’s a mystery we’d love to solve. We don’t even know if he was really Dutch!

    We’re anxious and excited to get the DNA results back. Of course it could lead us to knowing nothing, and leave us with more questions. 🙂

    I have the family tree that my Mom keeps up to date. My sister got the bug and started working on our Father’s side, but ran into a dead end quite soon; at our Great Grandparents. Hopefully, she’ll find the missing the thread that opens up the paths again.
    I love the history, and folklore but have no interest in doing the research.

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    1. Your family does have a mystery to solve! Very interesting. You’ll have to let me know your DNA results. We gave a kit to my mom and her husband and also my mother-in-law last Christmas. It’s nice to have family members who will put in the time and effort to link our past up isn’t it? I’ve been finding my mom’s only brother has done quite a bit on Family Search.

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  3. Hi Camie, just wanted to let you know that I didn’t take the photo you have given me credit for. I used it courtesy of Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove and you may need their permission to reproduce it. I live about an hour from Brighton. It’s a wonderful eclectic town that I love to visit and The Pavilion is a fabulous building that’s fascinating to explore.

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