Cars 3 (Movie Review)


Over the weekend, we saw the movie Cars 3 as a family. Our verdict? This movie is delightful, funny (my college kids were laughing all the way through), and the story line is a natural fit to the original plot. My oldest daughter (22) declared this her favorite Cars movie of the trio. We will definitely be adding this movie to our home collection.

In Cars 3, all of our favorite characters from Radiator Springs return, although Doc Hudson has passed away. He lives on in the memories of his friends, especially Lightning McQueen. In fact, we learn more about Doc’s past and meet some of his old racing buddies. This was my favorite aspect of the movie as it really gave it heart. Lightning maintains a true respect for his mentor and that is endearing. He has not forgotten the valuable lessons Hudson taught him.

I was happy to see that Lightning also retained the humility he had painfully gained by the end of the first movie. He was still appreciative of his sponsors, his fans, his friends and his career. He was a good sport in both his wins and his losses. He is now friends with some of his competition and they engage in playful comradery. I think Lightning McQueen makes a good role model!

I won’t dive too much into the plot. In a way, it has a similar feel to Toy Story 3, from Andy’s point of view. Lightning has to face something we all do at one point or another- getting older and accepting natural change. This is where much of the humor comes in, and now that I’m being a bit philosophical, let me point out that humor can be a remarkable tool for us humans when we take advantage of it. Humor can actually help us through our personal trials by dialing down the rough edges of reality (or a perceived reality) and replacing it with a softer lining of hope, an attitude that “all is not lost”. Even amid the unexpected twists and curveballs life throws at us, there is still much to relish and enjoy. Plus, learning to laugh at ourselves keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously!

♥ The kids will see plenty of Mater and I think they will like Lightning’s new trainer, Cruz Ramirez. And that’s all I’m going to say! Let me know if you saw this movie and if you liked it as much was we did. Thanks for reading! ♥


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