Our September Visit to Island Park, Idaho

Located on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park’s west entrance, Island Park is a lovely destination for fishing and nature walks. We always stay at Mack’s Inn, in one of their cabins or rooms. If you go to Mack’s Inn in the summer months, you can float the river and catch a dinner show at Mack’s Inn Playhouse. We have enjoyed both in years past. This time we were here in September, just after dropping Marissa girl off for her fall semester at BYU-Idaho. (By we I mean Marcus, David and myself.)

That’s my husband sitting there as Marcus and I walked to Johnny Sack Cabin.

One of the most scenic spots to visit within Island Park is Big Springs.


The water at Big Springs is rather fascinating.


An historic site at Big Springs is Johnny Sack Cabin. I’ll let you read the history for yourself and I did not take any photos inside, but it truly is a workmanship. Marcus and I enjoyed the walk up to it and our self-guided inside tour.


This cute little water-mill nearby matches Johnny Sack Cabin.


To see a few other photos I took while at Big Springs and around Island Park, check out this post.

♥ Have you ever visited Island Park and Big Springs? Stay tune for photos from our visit to Earthquake Lake and Yellowstone National Park. ♥

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