Our September Visit to Earthquake Lake

View of Quake Lake from the visitor center. From this distance it looks like any other lake.

Earthquake Lake, nicknamed Quake Lake, is located in Montana on US hwy 287. This past September, David, Marcus and I stopped at the visitor center on our way to Yellowstone National Park.

Visitors can hike a short distance from the visitor center to the memorial boulder.

This lake has a tragic backstory. In August of 1959, an earthquake caused a major landslide which also blocked the Madison River. Can you imagine witnessing this 3,000 ton boulder flowing along the slide? Apparently it was studied and found that it had not rolled, nor had it fallen in a tumble sort of way.


While some people made it to safety on the night of the earthquake, 28 people who were camping or living in the area at the time, lost their lives. Some of their stories are told at the visitor center through displays and a movie.

We were fascinated by this rock wall near the memorial boulder.


All around the lake, “ghost trees” poke out.

This lake is excellent for fishing and we did see a couple fishermen among the tops of the trees (sounds funny doesn’t it?). I was wondering if they ever got snagged or how difficult it was to row out and cast.

♥ Have you ever visited or fished Earthquake Lake? Stay tuned for photos of our visit to Yellowstone National Park. ♥

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