November Blessings- Day 4 (First Snow of the Season)

It rained all day, turned into a wet snowfall this evening and now it’s back to rain. Still, I’d call that our first snow of the season, at least for the valley. There is snow in the forecast for Monday. Looks like winter is on its way.

A sporting goods store had a ski rental special ending today so Marcus and I went in and were fitted for boots, skis and poles. We get them for the whole season so all we need to do now is buy season passes at the ski resort five minutes from our home. We bought helmets and goggles as well. I chose both a white helmet and white goggles so that they will match any color coat I wear. Marcus chose a yellow helmet and black goggles.

Soon I’ll be taking photos like this one. These trees are in my front yard.

My very first time skiing was two years ago when my husband set up beginner ski lessons for the kids and me. I don’t know why I waited so long to try skiing, but I seemed to be a natural. I’m still level one and I’m perfectly okay with that. I think it will be fun for Marcus and I to go skiing during the weekdays while other kids are in school. Hooray for homeschooling!

I also enjoy ice skating. I’m not spectacular at it, but I find it exhilarating. I haven’t been tubing or sledding in years, but this ski resort has a tubing hill I’d like to try this year. That would make for a great family activity. When my kids were little, I remember taking them sledding down a neighborhood hill. That was a lot of fun. I think my post tomorrow will be my winter bucket list. I’ve never made a bucket list before.

♥ Today I’m thankful for changing seasons, and that Utah is a great place to enjoy the outdoors all year long. Do you ski, snow board, ice skate or play another winter sport? I’d love to hear about it. Do you make bucket lists? ♥

3 thoughts on “November Blessings- Day 4 (First Snow of the Season)

  1. The trees look beautiful! The last time I ice skated my daughter was 4. I was showing off a bit while skating backwards hit a chink in the ice and down I went shattering my right wrist. Broke both the Radius, and Ulna. 😦 I was in a full arm cast for 9 weeks, and had to have a pin put in to keep the bones in place. He-Man was in Singapore on business. It was awful. I couldn’t drive since both the cars were manual transmissions then. Needless to say I haven’t ice skated since. I haven’t tried skiing since I was 10. I tried that while in Utah one Christmas break. It was a disaster!
    I skied right off a cliff and the ski patrol dug me out. Thankfully only my ego was broken. I gave my lift pass away and enjoyed the rest of the day in the lodge with cocoa and fashion magazines.

    I would like to try cross country skiing though. I think I could handle that. I tried snow shoeing a few years ago and only fell face first in the snow once. Again only breaking my ego. 🙂 But, I’d do snow shoeing again.

    I think I’ll stay at my desk where it’s warm and enjoy reading about your skiing adventures. Looking forward to seeing you in your skiing ensemble.

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    1. Oh my! If I’d had that ice skating experience, I probably wouldn’t skate again, either. I have yet to actually ride on a ski lift so I’m nervous about that. There is safety in staying inside, snug and warm! Thanks for sharing your stories. I hope I don’t ski off a cliff!

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