November Blessings- Day 6 (My First Bucket List)

I took a walk by myself this morning, camera around my neck. It was a time to still the flurry of thoughts that have taken up residence in my brain, and just “be”. Walking in nature is therapeutic for me because it clears my head. I even discovered a “new” area I had never explored before. It was rugged, quiet and peaceful.


Onto my very first bucket list! I tried to find the history of the “bucket list”. It seems it was made popular after the movie by the same title. While many bucket lists are things never done before to try to do before one dies, I’ve seen many moms post seasonal bucket lists of things they want to do with their families. That’s the kind of bucket list this is. I asked my kids to give me their ideas. These are things I/we want to do over November and December-

  • Making bread with Marcus
  • Going on a new hike
  • Read-aloud marathon in our homeschool
  • Trying a new soup recipe for dinner
  • A Just Because We Can homeschool day
  • Family Christmas photo over Thanksgiving break
  • Making gingerbread man cookies
  • Making a Christmas wreath
  • Visiting Temple Square to see the Christmas lights
  • Family Christmas movie marathon
  • Little girl Christmas craft party
  • Ice Skating
  • Sleigh ride at Hardware Ranch (it’s an elk ranch)
  • Invite a neighbor family over for pizza and a movie


♥ What’s on your seasonal bucket list? ♥

7 thoughts on “November Blessings- Day 6 (My First Bucket List)

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  2. A lovely list. 🙂 My 10-year-old likes to make bucket lists for each season. I don’t, but I do love reading her lists and watching her work to do the things she cares about. Just yesterday she finished (one-handedly because of her broken arm) an autumn collage.

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