November Blessings- Day 13 (Perspective)

It was a glorious day here. My oldest son and I did quite a bit of yard work. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and snow is in the forecast for Friday. We’ll see what happens.


At the end of this past September, I attended my very first homeschool conference (Wild & Free) with the sweetest, most delightful friend I’ve ever been blessed to have.

Zach told me this photo is his favorite. It’s my favorite, also.

Our conference took place at The Factory at Franklin, and since Audria and I were a day early, we spent time there roaming around, checking out the industrial setting.




I had my camera with me and suddenly we were looking for photo ops I could take from a different perspective. We were both thinking of my oldest son, Zach, and how he often takes unique photos. It was really fun to look at things from what might have been his perspective had he been there.

I have a favorite quote about perspective-

It is good to look to the past

to gain appreciation for the present

and perspective for the future.

~ Gordon B. Hinckley

♥ There is a lot I could say about perspective, but it’s past 10pm here and I need my sleep! But if you want to say anything about perspective, please go ahead! ♥

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