November Blessings- Day 15 (How I Met My Husband)

Since the purpose of my daily posts for this month is to catch up on my 52 Stories,  I thought I’d write about how I met my husband.

Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in Hawaii (in front of the Laie temple)

I met David on my night of my 18th birthday, late in September. I had been babysitting his nieces and nephew for the first time. They happened to live in their uncle’s house, with their parents. David returned home from work before his brother and sister-in-law returned from their date. He was amazed that I would babysit on my birthday.

I was instantly at-home with David, so much that instead of leaving right away, I just stuck around and chatted nonstop. I even kept my boyfriend, from my senior year and whom I hadn’t seen in four months, waiting on my front porch. Oops! When I finally arrived home, my boyfriend gave me a promise ring. I didn’t understand the concept of a promise ring, so after talking it over, we turned it into an engagement ring.

Over the next three weeks, I continued to babysit David’s nieces and nephew, which gave me more time with David. The poor guy had to listen to my doubts about my fiancé. He never voiced his opinion, he only listened to me. Finally I made the painful decision to break up with my fiancé. I knew in my heart I was making the right choice. We just weren’t meant to be.

I continued to babysit for David’s brother and sister-in-law. David was a funny guy during this time. Once he came home and locked himself in his bedroom so that I hardly saw him. Another time he brought me take out from Taco Time. Sometimes we ended up watching a movie together after I put the children to bed.

After Thanksgiving, I spent a day hanging out with David’s sister-in-law. We were stringing popcorn for their tree, and we could see outside the living room window, into the front yard, where David and his brother were putting up Christmas lights. Suddenly, my friend turned to me and said, “You know he likes you, right?” I was honestly stunned.

Soon after that, on another day when I was over at David’s house visiting with his sister-in-law, I noticed that David was hesitating to leave for the grocery store. He had the grocery list and his keys in hand. Suddenly he quietly approached me and asked if I’d like to join him. That was our first date, haha. My daughter says it doesn’t count, but it totally does.

David did take me on a planned date soon after that. He took me to a fancy restaurant where I peeled chilled shrimp for the first time in my life. On another date, we went Christmas shopping at the mall. After our fourth date, he asked me to marry him and I said yes right away. We were engaged for two and a half months, before we married in one of our Church’s beautiful Utah temples.

♥ That is our story in a nutshell. I love being a wife and mother. We have four children who are now 24, 22, 19 and 14. Thanks for reading! ♥

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