November Blessings- Day 20 (Lessons from The Odyssey)

Marcus and I have been reading parts of The Odyssey for his online English class which focuses on themes and symbols this year. I thought it’d be fun to list some of the lessons we are learning from the main characters. With Marcus’ help and in no particular order of importance (from books 1-4 & 9-10):

  • Pride can be a costly weakness.
  • It’s good carma to be a good host.
  • Never eat a Lotus flower.
  • Always stay loyal to your spouse.
  • Never insult a cyclops by stabbing him in the eye and them telling him your name as you are trying to escape to sea!
  • Poseidon is not someone you want as an enemy, especially if you are traveling by sea.
  • Only expect the god of winds to help you once.
  • If someone shows up out of the blue to offer you aid, it could be divine intervention, and might in fact be your great grandfather.
  • Heros aren’t perfect and in fact, like all of us, can make stupid mistakes.
  • Be aware of what is offered to you and don’t try drugs!

♥ I’m sure we’ll find more lessons as we continue. If you’d like to add another lesson to our list, feel free! ♥

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