November Blessings- Day 26 (Our Family Christmas Card Photo)


How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was really nice. All of my kids were home (at least for dinner) and my mother and her husband joined us as well. My sweet youngest daughter is now on her way back to her college apartment. It was so lovely to have her home for five days. We had to find a time to squeeze in our family Christmas photo because my oldest daughter’s work schedule was crazy. I think this one is our winner. I enjoy mailing out Christmas cards with a family photo. There were some years, such as when we lived in Peru, when I had to make do with e-cards. There are some fun e-cards out there, I must say.

♥ Do you mail out Christmas cards with a family photo? Or do you write a letter recapping the year’s events or everyone’s growth? I’d love to hear! ♥

9 thoughts on “November Blessings- Day 26 (Our Family Christmas Card Photo)

  1. Beautiful photo! You look as young as the girls!
    I haven’t ever done a family photo Christmas card. Long ago I wrote a letter to recap the year to include with our store bought Christmas card, but I haven’t done that in eons. The last few years I’ve sent fewer cards out by snail mail.

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  2. Jessica Burgess

    I’m so glad you had a great Thanksgiving with your family. Mine are all 12 and under so I don’t have to worry about college just yet. My extended family all do their own thing and my Mother is in California…we live in Georgia. Hopefully next year we will see her. We did have a nice day though. Now I am so ready to have fun this December. I think we will do a bucket list and have fun all month long. Oh and the photo is beautiful! I am terrible about sending Christmas cards out on time. I may have to try e-cards this year and send photos along with. 😊💜

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