I have never had my own tulip bed before, but last fall, my youngest son and I planted I don’t know how many tulip and crocus bulbs into one of the front yard flowerbeds. We spent hours clearing the bed of weeds and then meticulously planted bulb after bulb, spacing each just right, and hopefully in the right direction!


In a way it was a bittersweet task because we were planning to sell our house this spring. I couldn’t help reflecting that I was doing this more for potential buyers than for myself. Or so I thought…


Long story short, something happened in January which changed the plans we had already put into motion (we’d been looking at potential land to build on, had a professional designing our dream home, etc.), and now we are not selling and not moving. A couple of days ago, my oldest son called me outside to show me these first yellow buds. I was thrilled to see the hopeful beginnings of my first tulip garden. These aren’t the tulips, though. I think they are the crocuses. They are what we planted on the border around the tulips.

All these photos were taken on the same day. My poor baby crocuses!

But I digress- I felt guilty at first for being relieved. We’re not selling! We’re not moving! We get to stay in our lovely home here, in a beautiful valley I’ve come to love. It took me several years to feel at home here, but now I feel completely at home. Suddenly, staying seems meant-to-be. And I feel… hopeful.


I think life poking through the ground, after sleeping for months under a blanket of snow, is hopeful. Springtime, with it’s renewed life, is hopeful. (Now, if it would just stop snowing here!) But, most of all, Easter is upon us, and that is as hopeful as life gets because it’s about the only being who could give us true hope. I’m looking forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the start of Holy Week. It’s snowing here today on Palm Sunday, but little yellow buds are sprouting also.

♥ Have you been getting snow as well? Do you have a tulip/flower garden? Do you feel hopeful when you see signs of spring? Are you preparing for an Easter celebration? I’d love to hear your thoughts. ♥

11 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. How wonderful that you get to stay where you feel at home and inspired by your surroundings.
    Our experience with tulips has been less favorable than yours. I guess it is a little much to expect a flower with the strength of purpose to burst forth from a snowbank to also fend off marauding squirrels and languish through the hot again cool again sweaty spring of North Florida. 😊

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  2. Yes, we have crocuses, tulips, and daffodils. They have given us all kinds of delight in these late winter/early spring days. Planting them in the fall and then waiting for them to emerge in the spring is a kind of faith, isn’t it? 🙂 I’m glad you get to keep your home and that you are filled with joy!

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  3. I am so sorry it snowed on your beautiful tulips. I believe they will survive the madness of snow and continue looking amazing! I can imagine the mixed emotions about selling your house and building a new one. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and you and your family are just meant to be in your house! I wish you and your family happiness and comfort!!

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