Summer Kid Craft- Rock Painting

For the month of June this summer I’m hosting weekly mini craft parties, as I call them, for some of my young neighbor girls. Our first craft was today and the girls painted rocks. I wanted their focus to be on Kindness Rocks. The main idea of kindness rocks is to spread cheer and sunshine through thoughtfully painted rocks. These rocks are painted brightly and often contain a positive affirmation or just one powerful word. And then they are placed around the community- in public places- for anyone to stumble upon. I also told the girls they could paint a rock with a specific person in mind.

Some of the girls snuck a kindness rock into my fairy garden. 🙂

For this craft I gathered clean rocks with a fairly smooth surface on one side, acrylic paints in assorted colors, paint markers for writing (optional), paint brushes in assorted sizes, and a clear sealer to help make the rocks weather resistant. I bought Krylon DIY sealer at Hobby Lobby.


I first prepared my craft room table by covering it with a plastic tablecloth and had paper plates (for the paint) and baby wipes on hand. The girls used sponge brushes for the base paint and smaller brushes for the detailing. I had four colors of fine tip paint markers for them to use- gold, silver, white, and black. I bought these at Hobby Lobby also.


Some like to paint the whole rock, but I think it looks great just to paint one side of a rock and leave the sides and bottom natural.



When the rocks were finished, I sprayed them with the sealer (outside) and then we hopped in my car and drove a little ways to a nature park in our neighborhood. The girls placed some rocks in random spots there, and then we drove to a woman’s home and the girls placed rocks on her porch. This woman is battling cancer and she is a member of our church congregation. The girls thought of her because she had been a leader/teacher to them before she got sick.


♥ Have you ever made kindness rocks? Do you and your children like to craft together in the summer? ♥

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