Living Inside Stories (a Journaling Series)

Your life is a story of adventure, mystery, comedy, tragedy, and romance. Your life is a story full of sorrow, despair, trials, second-chances, growth, discoveries, miracles, faith, hope, and tender mercies. Your life is a story with villains, heroes, foils, and all characters in between. Right now you are living inside a story! Not only are you living inside your own unfolding story, you are living inside many stories. You are touching lives. You are even a part of ripples, meaning you have set off or continued a chain-reaction of events.

Your life is a treasure trove of stories! So you should document them! Welcome to part one of a journaling series. Over the next few weeks, let’s explore the art of journaling.

I have been keeping journals- off and on- since I was eight years old. My very first journal has a cloth cover with a strawberry pattern on it, and it was given to me by my maternal grandparents as a baptism gift. Each of them wrote an inscription to me on the inside front cover. I wrote in that journal with erasable pen. I thought erasable pens were the neatest invention at the time! Before erasable pens, I had the compulsive habit of starting my school notes completely over whenever I made even the tiniest mistake in pen. Now that I think of it, I’m sure rewriting my notes several times over helped me memorize for tests! Still, I’m happy to note that in keeping a journal, I learned to relax to the point of simply crossing out my mistake and moving on. Plus, it’s not easy, nor is it attractive to tear out a page from a bound book.

Confession: I have torn out pages of my journals for one reason or another, even from bound journals. I don’t recommend doing that if it can be helped, however. 😛


It’s fun for my kids to read through my goofy childhood journal entries, and it’s fun for me to see how my handwriting has changed over the years. I used to write very precise, slanted cursive. My cursive was so precise, and so slanted that my teachers would use me as a class example. That was both embarrassing and a little ego boost. I do not write this way today. Honestly, that was exhausting! I do have very neat print, however. You can tell when I’m tired because my writing will get sloppy, haha.

♥ Stay tuned for more posts in this series. We will explore different kinds of journals, my favorite journaling supplies, the benefits of journaling, and I will share some of my journaling experiences along the way. Do you keep a journal? Have you ever torn pages out of your journal? How neat is your writing in your journal? I’d love to hear about it! ♥

10 thoughts on “Living Inside Stories (a Journaling Series)

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  3. I journaled until I discovered blogging. I have a completely private blog (as in I’m the only invited reader) where I write the dearest things of my heart, and then a semi-private one (for family and close friends) where I write fun/hard/spiritual stories that are shareable. Then I have my homeschool blog–that one is open, but I only record certain things in it. 🙂 Somehow it’s easier for me to type into the computer than it is for me to keep a pen and paper journal like I used to.

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    1. Thank you, Alyssa. I will be featuring a guest blogger who keeps a bullet journal so watch out for that post in this series. And then you’ll have to let me know if you do try bullet journaling and how you like it.

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      1. Thank you so much! I think it is possible that I am way overthinking this project! I had two pages done, but now I am not sure I like the way it flows! I am looking forward to the guest blogger you will be featuring.

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