Summer Kid Craft- Father’s Day Themed

This month I’m hosting little girl mini craft parties every week. The kick off craft was painting kindness rocks. The second craft was in honor of Father’s Day- The girls painted mini crates as key or candy holders for their fathers. They also decorated sugar cookies because what dad doesn’t like a sweet treat?

DSC01779 (2)

I bought these cute little crates from Michael’s for a dollar each.


I also purchased an assortment of nuts for the finishing touch. I supervised the glue gun of course. This craft party was a good opportunity to teach the girls that “less is more”. It’s kind of a tricky line for me because I want the girls to be free to craft by their personal style, and some girls instinctively prefer simplicity, while other girls gravitate to impulse and flair. I am teaching these girls to pour paint sparingly (as the excess usually gets wasted), and to share supplies. I’m also teaching them to clean up after themselves, washing out their paint brushes, throwing away trash, and returning paint to my craft cabinet, etc.


The cookies turned out great. I used the recipe in a Better Homes and Garden cookbook and made them up the day before. I made sure to have plenty of frosting and sprinkles on hand, as well as food coloring.


I found the cookie cutters at Hobby Lobby. One set was the bow tie, tie, and mustache. The other set was a cowboy hat, cowboy boot and a cowboy (I didn’t use the cowboy shape, however).


The Cheez Wiz crackers were a hit with the little girls.

Since I do not charge for my craft parties, the moms take turns providing the snack. This was the most gourmet snack we’ve ever had! There was also a fruit bowl. And of course the girls had to sample some of the extra sugar cookies.

DSC01804 (2)

The girls also made Father’s Day cards, and this one was my favorite.

♥ I wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day. I am missing my own daddy today. I haven’t seen him in several years. I sometimes hear from him on my birthday and at Christmas, but mostly it feels like I don’t have my father in my life anymore. Sometimes I struggle with that, but then I remember that I will always have my first father who is my Heavenly Father. I know He is always here for me, even thought I can’t see him or speak to him face to face. I pray to Him and I know He hears and answers my prayers. I’m also deeply thankful for my husband because he is an amazing father to our children. ♥

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