Christopher Robin (Movie Review)

Over the weekend my husband and I saw the movie Christopher Robin on a date night. We both enjoyed this movie and thought the story line, acting, and voices were great. I would recommend this movie to older kids (maybe 8 and up), teens, and adults. It’s clean and rated PG for action. I’m sure it’s fine for younger children who enjoy live action movies and are okay with Winnie the Pooh and his friends being live stuffed animals. If they like Paddington, I’m sure they’ll like this Winnie the Pooh.


This movie stars a favorite actor of mine, Ewen McGregor, as Christopher Robin, and the voice of Eeyore was easy to recognize as Brad Garrett from the tv show, Everybody Loves Raymond. I thought he did a fine job voicing Eeyore.

We did not find this movie “dark” even though it was a bit serious. We thought this movie was filled with heart and we enjoyed the humor. The story begins with a young Christopher Robin saying goodbye to his Hundred Acre Wood friends just before he goes off to boarding school. Fast forward and we see Christopher Robin with a wife and sweet daughter. He’s the typical father juggling his job and family life.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away. Christopher Robin still needs Winnie the Pooh and Winnie the Pooh still needs Christopher Robin. When the two reconnect there is some fun humor as little mishaps occur.

♥ As Winnie the Pooh fans, we found this movie to be delightful. ♥




6 thoughts on “Christopher Robin (Movie Review)

  1. I don’t keep up with movies, so your reviews are often “a-ha” moments for me for ideas for my family. This one sounds like a good one for my newly-moved-into-the-area parents to use as a “date” opportunity with some of my young ones. Thanks!

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