Thanksgiving Stain Glass Art and Turkey Cupcakes

My Friday craft group had one extra day with me before Thanksgiving break, so we did some easy Thanksgiving stain glass art and transformed cupcakes and cookies into turkeys.

My 3-year olds colored their pages directly with washable markers.

For the stain glass art I provided:

  • Sheet protectors
  • Printed Thanksgiving coloring pages
  • Sharpies (black, green, yellow, orange, purple, red, etc.)

For the cupcakes I provided:

  • Cupcakes, baked and unfrosted (any flavor)
  • Frosting (any kind)
  • Milano cookies (Similar shape to Nutter Butters, but peanut-free for those with allergies)
  • Candies (I could not find Candy Corn as it’s already out of season! So I chose Dots, jelly beans, Mike and Ikes, and Swedish fish)
  • Oreo cookies (optional, I just had them on hand)
  • Decorating gels (to make the eyes)


To make the stain glass art, simply put a black and white printed coloring page inside a sheet protector. Then use the Sharpies to color it on the outside of the sheet protector. My girls found it easier to color inside parts first, and then outline with black Sharpie.


For the turkey cupcakes, first the girls frosted each one and set them aside. Laying the Milano cookies flat on the table, the girls used left over frosting to “glue” candy of their choice to form a turkey beak and wattle. They used the decorating gels (the colors I had on hand) to make eyes. We discovered that the decorated cookies needed to sit flat for a few minutes for the gel and frosting to set before standing them up in the cupcakes. Once they were in the cupcakes, the girls added “feathers”. Some used the Mike and Ikes or jelly beans. Some used the cookie part of Oreos and tilted it behind the Milano “body”.

♥ So, what are your Thanksgiving plans? We will have a relaxed Thanksgiving at home with the five of us (my youngest daughter is on a mission in Peru) and two guests who are friends of my oldest son. My husband is home all week (he currently works out of state) which is really nice. As much as we’ve lived apart for half of our marriage, it never gets easier. We’ve started putting out our Christmas decorations and that will continue throughout the week. I have a LOT of decorations I’ve collected over the years. I love, love, love decorating my home for seasons and holidays. 🙂 We are also getting a Christmas package together for our missionary and her companion. I’d love to hear your Thanksgiving plans.♥

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